Follow These Steps before Applying for Dubai Tourist Visa

A vacation in Dubai is a dream of many individuals all over the world.  In the end, Dubai is an exotic city which delivers a number of the very best state-of-the-art attractions in addition to modern amenities and conveniences known to humanity.  But, reaching Dubai isn’t quite as simple as obtaining the flight flying and tickets into the destination, not for citizens of most nations.  If you’re stressing about implementing for Dubai tourist visa, here’s a step-by-step guide which will make things clear for you.

Do You Want a Visa?

The very first thing to decide is if you require a visa to go to Dubai.  If you’re a citizen of a GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), then you don’t require any sort of visa to get into Dubai or some other Emirate town of UAE.

Kinds of Dubai Tourist Visa

Aside the 14 times , 30 days and 90 days visas could be renewed or extended double.

How to Employ Dubai Tourist Visa

You’ll be able to make an application for a Dubai tourist destination via a trusted travel agent, a Dubai based airline business or a Dubai based resort.  Here are the measures which you need to follow along with applying for a Dubai tourist visa.

Measure 1: Program Form

The very first step would be to fill out the application form.  Every airline business, travel agent and resort would have a fundamental application form that says your private particulars.  It’s crucial to make certain that you fill this form carefully and with no mistakes.  The advice given on this form needs to be factually correct and should fit the details given in your passport.  Remember to sign the application type, otherwise it wouldn’t be legitimate.

Measure 2: Collect the Records

Discovering the ideal files is very important to supply the essential support for your program form.  Here are the files that you Would Need to submit for Dubai tourist visa procedure:

Normally, the first and final pages of the passport ought to be submitted.  In case you’ve seen Dubai earlier, the replica of this webpage with the depart stamp also needs to be filed.

Pictures: Your latest passport size photographs ought to be a part of the files.  The photograph has to be obtained against a white backdrop.

This is to ensure you want to come back to your home country after a trip to Dubai.

Sponsor’s Records: If you’ve got a host or server from Dubai or UAE, you want to submit her or his passport copy and evidence of resident visa.

Security Cheque: A safety cheque of AED 5500 might need to be filed.  This could only be utilized if the customer absconds.

Financial Records: Copies of bank statements of past few months have to be filed.

If you’re applying for your own visa via a airline business, you may need to buy your own Dubai flight tickets .  Likewise you may need to make a reservation in the resort whereby you’re applying for your own visa.  What’s more, if you’re employing the help of a traveling company, they might request that you reserve a tour package in yield of their services.

Measure 3: Send and Scan the Records

You have to be very careful while studying.   Once you’ve scanned all of the files, you can send them together with the visa application type.

Measure 4: Visa Fee

The final and final step of this Dubai tourist visa application method is to cover the visa fee.  The amount would be based on the kind of visa you’re applying for.  Even though 14 days visa are the cheapest, the 90 times multiple entry visa are the costliest.  In addition, you may need to pay additional cash if you wish to go for state visa.  An important point to keep in mind here is that visa charge isn’t refundable, even if your visa application is refused.

Following the above steps, you may need to wait around for 3-4 working days to receive your own Dubai tourist visa (shorter time period in the event of state visa).  The visa procedure is similar for everyone, even kids including babies, though you may need to submit some extra documents for your little ones.

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