NYT Crossword Answers 04/02/21

The complete solution for the New York Times April 02, 2021 crossword puzzle is exhibited below. The puzzle is edited and created by Will Shortz and Kyra Wilson & Sophia Maymudes respectively.

All the clues are arranged in the order they appeared in the puzzle.

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Veiled satire on Joseph StalinANIMALFARM
Capital of AzerbaijanBAKU
First Korean to win the Best Director OscarBONGJOONHO
Father of ErosARES
“We are not getting back together”
Compost ingredientLOAM
Toe precederTAC
Show of amorBESO
Glazer of “Broad City”
Puts in stitchesSEWS
One who is so close (and yet so far)RUNNERUP
Part of a promotion negotiationTITLE
Will who voices BoJack Horseman on “BoJack Horseman”ARNETT
Even a smidgenATALL
Old Testament figure who has a child while in her early 90sSARAH
Long way around town?BUS
Lists on eBay, sayRESELLS
He or I, but not you?ELEMENT
Senator KlobucharAMY
Group of zombiesHORDE
Poet who said “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”ELIOT
Like the “fact” that humans use only 10% of their brainsDEBUNKED
Adverb in both French and SpanishBIEN
“Gotcha!,” onceIDIG
Fig. that always includes a decimalGPA
Demographic of many TikTok usersGENZ
Oktoberfest garbLEDERHOSEN
Rhyming term for a dessertSWEETTREAT
What might be on the tip of your tongue?STUD


Observation from an observatoryNOVA
Grand opening for a casino?MGM
Start of a three-word alliterative name of a Shakespeare playLOVES
Where Catalan is the official languageANDORRA
Letter seen in a ChristogramRHO
Many a fed. holidayMON
It may keep you on your toesBALLET
Like a cheering crowdAROAR
Actor ReevesKEANU
Hanging on a classroom wall, maybeUSMAP
Tony-winning musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda during his second year of collegeINTHEHEIGHTS
___ Woods, lead character in “Legally Blonde”ELLE
Cassady who inspired KerouacNEAL
Figure skater LipinskiTARA
Romantic coupleITEM
What Bristol Bay is an arm ofBERINGSEA
Proofer’s 33-DownSTET
Joy ride, for exampleLARK
Mexican sauce made from chili peppers and chocolateMOLE
“I’d think twice about that”BADIDEA
Messed (with)FUTZED
Painter and devotee of 11-DownDEGAS
About to be in officeELECT
African language familyBANTU
Special deliveryBIRTH
Bug spray ingredientDEET
Lute shapePEAR
Kick inANTE
Colorless, odorless drugLSD
First mammal to be clonedEWE
Food scrapORT

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