Democratizing Global Human Potential

How Technology is Helping Democratizing Global Human Potential

Africa is a continent currently composed of 54 nations that more than a thousand people call home and at which at least 1,500 distinct languages and dialects are spoken.  The continent is seen negatively as a consequence of the heritage of colonialism.  Growing up in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi, among the biggest cities in Africa by people, I saw that the results of the heritage.  But what’s more, I bore first-hand understanding of the burning fire of human potential around me, across each stratum of society, regardless of the heritage.

Democratizing Global Human Potential

Though my parents did not delight in the proper learning of college education, the individual capability to accomplish a fullness of existence was a valuable lesson that they showed me daily, whether that was during our interactions with neighbours, our communities or even strangers.  It has become the primary lens through which I’ve observed and continue to find the planet: the significance of human capacity when we’ve been conditioned not to see it.

For a youngster, my very first memory of technologies was visiting my father tinker with whatever that had power running through it, whether to fix it or allow it to function much better.  Afterwards, it had been hearing his tales about fixing photocopiers as a young adult the cables, signs, present, power, magical.  I could not have been enamoured by this superb thing called technologies.

It seemed like something from Star Trek.  The moment I found that apparatus, augmented by my preceding introduction to technologies and a historical comprehension of viewing the individual potential in everybody, I understood instantly that the future had arrived, and that I had to participate somehow at the transformation that technologies could deliver.

Concurrently, greater accessibility to internet connectivity supposed that, at the larger picture, economic outlooks worldwide were changing since access was becoming accessible at unprecedented rates.

Additionally, respected voices in the tech world like that of Peter Diamandis are forecasting that 4 billion new heads will be online by 2024.

Having an understanding that individual capacity is present everywhere, whatever the circumstance, and technology becomes a persuasive workforce.  Consider that at Africa only annually, Data Science Africa a seminar running since 2015 where scientists present work demonstrating machine learning methods to address problems in health care, agriculture, wildlife conservation and much more connected to the African context watched sessions held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Accra, Ghana.

Throughout the world now we see entrepreneurship, invention and trade grow tremendously across each part of the world. By AI into AVs, information science into electronic biology, exponential technologies which are paving the way for its Industrial Revolution have been leveraged across the globe, showcasing what could be possible when human capacity is recognized past the headlines.

More astonishing are the consequences to international innovation as a consequence of intersecting exponential technology. By way of instance, maybe an entrepreneur at Nairobi who’s passionate about trend might envision a new era of trade that unites extended fact, machine learning and 3D printing to Boost how garments brands may better understand what customers need.

As decision-makers, it’s desperate for us to comprehend these changes in progress.  Every value chain across each business is and will continue to be influenced.  New companies will form.  New value chains will soon be made. A mind-set which recognizes the extent and breadth of change and the human capacity which exists across the planet is essential to not only surviving but flourishing during that time.

To be adapting both professionally and personally using a globally connected world powered with enhanced connectedness and accessibility to exponential technologies, it is crucial to be driven with a higher, aspirational function, or furthermore commonly called a huge behavioural intention (MTP).  An MTP is similar to a mission statement, but using a far more significant reason for present beyond just the principal aim.  I will shed some light in my private MTP and the expert MTP I direct in my business in my second piece.

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